• August 23rd – September 22nd.
  • The sign of the Virgin.
  • Crystals/ birthstones: Sapphire, Sugilite, Sodalite, Moonstone.
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury.
  • Flowers: Aster, Cornflower.

Virgo the Virgin is the sixth sign of the zodiac and those born under this sign are well known for their analytical minds; they are quick to note and remember facts. Their natural temperament is have everything in order, they like everything in its place and that’s at home and work. They are fastidious, clean, tidy and sometimes obsessive. They need to be aware of this obsessive part of their nature as it can take over their daily patterns and block other things out and in some Virgo’s bring about bouts of depression. They tend to worry about the finer detail in situations especially if they are in charge of organisation, so they need to step back and force themselves to be content with the job they have done, as it is usually done extremely well!

They are quick minded but often go about things the hard way again taxing them unnecessarily. Virgo the virgin loves new information and are often avid readers with an amazing memory and recall. Where-as some people find mental tasks difficult the Virgo person sees it as a challenge and usually breezes thru it! They tend to analyse things way to much but are quick to sort thru and link ideas; but they must be aware of not taking credit for another’s idea. Virgo’s like to make a good impression and usually do but will also go out of their way to do so. In most cases the Virgo mind is exact, witty and clever but can be critical and need to use tact. They are great with conversation and love to talk. They can be optimists, problem solvers, energetic, conservative, and kind but also frustrating due to their analytical and critical nature. They make great friends always willing to lend a hand; they love the outdoors and most hobbies that go with being outdoors.

The Birthstone for Virgo the Virgin is Sapphire which is also known as the wisdom stone. The sapphire comes in many colours the most notable being blue. This stone helps to calm the mind and bring focus and clarity; it facilitates the release of thought patterns that are irrelevant and negative.  Sapphire is beneficial to not only the physical energy but the spiritual and mental as well bringing peace of mind. This stone is excellent for any over activity in the bodies systems, blood disorders, gland problems depression and stress. It is useful at the throat chakra for releasing blockages and aiding self expression and speaking your truth.

A Crystal for Virgo is Sugilite also known as the stone of love and love of the earth. Sugilite opens all chakras and represents spiritual love and brings forth spiritual awareness and the ability for mediumship (contacting the departed) and channelling. This crystal brings us back to basics and reminds us why we are here; it helps us to understand the unanswered questions of life. Sugilite works at a soul level and alleviates the issues from past lives that burden us in this incarnation. This crystal is the guardian of the soul and protects it from trauma. It aids forgiveness, communication, understanding, and healing. Sugilite is excellent for pain relief, nervous system and for those Virgo the virgin folk who think too much it gives relief and healing to the brain and senses. An excellent Channelling crystal.

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