* April 20th – May 20th.

* Sign of the Bull.
* Crystals/ Birthstones: Topaz, Tigers eye, Emerald, Aquamarine.
* Ruling planet: Venus.
* Flowers: Hawthorn, Lily Of The Valley.

Taurus the Bull is the second sign of the zodiac. Some say that Taureans are bull headed or go at a situation like a bull at a gate and quite often this is right, but they are also known for their brains. They know what they want in life and go for it usually in the most direct way. They are practical people who tend to get their way by being stubborn and they have a tendency to remember situations. Taurus people like to put what they remember and their knowledge to use. Sometimes they can be over bearing in their everyday nature, but even tho they can be stubborn they are also generous. Never provoke a Taurean as they tend to go head first into a fight even if it means they will lose it!

They are self reliant and very independent; they make good friends but sometimes are not tolerant of another’s weakness. Taurus people are constructive and good in any field where they can use their mental capabilities. Their uncontrolled temperament in some situations is one of their destructive traits but they will go all out for those they come to trust. They need to avoid anger and being unreasonable, tho every Taurean is different depending on the day and date of their birth. By and large the strong nature of them sees them manifesting small problems into large ones and when confronted will make like a bull and smash their way out! Don’t let their size or statures fool you, they are always ready for most things.

One of the Crystals/ Birthstones for Taurus the Bull is: Topaz. This crystal directs energy where it is required, it helps to shed light on situations and brings forth trust and removes doubt. Topaz is good in health matters, also a good facilitator in visualisation during meditation. An excellent crystal in dissolving negativity, stress and promoting self control. Helps you see the bigger picture in situations in your life and to be aware of influences. Topaz promotes new ideas and assists you to see them thru. This crystal quietens troubled emotions and settles the nerves bringing about harmony. Topaz can be used at the Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras; it strengthens the solar plexus against negativity and useful at the third eye for meditation. Can assist in ones confidence and capabilities.

Tiger’s eye is another crystal for Taurus the Bull. Tiger’s eye is a high vibrational crystal; the energy is strong but grounded. It enhances psychic abilities in grounded people and is a useful protection stone. Tiger’s eye helps the user accomplish their goals and brings about ones integrity. It promotes what you really need and not always what you think you need or want. This crystal is helpful in resolving unrest and disharmony; also with issues of low self esteem. Tiger’s eye is excellent for problems with depression and to use at the Third Eye Chakra to facilitate psychic ability. This crystal is beneficial to use at the Sacral (navel) Chakra for the reproductive organs and also at the Throat Chakra for those needing to speak out or speak their truth.

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