• October 23rd – November 21st.
  • The sign of the Scorpion.
  • Crystals/Birthstones:  Citrine, Malachite, Ruby, Topaz.
  • Ruling Planet:  Mars.
  • Flowers:  Chrysanthemum, Carnation.

Scorpio the Scorpion is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is the sign of the person who loves the outdoors and nature of all descriptions. These individuals can be rough and ready and willing to have a go at most things. Just like the scorpion the character born under this sign will adapt to almost any conditions they are direct and quick to act just like the scorpion and will sting you with their view point if needed. Scorpio the Scorpion is willing to take a risk; they are adventurous, fearless, clever and successful. They have a self controlled nature where-as they don’t give too much away preferring to be shrewd and spring their ideas at the last moment. They have good instincts are confident and secretive, but using tact at the right time is not one of their good points.

Scorpios tend to be naturally secretive and this can lead to suspicion and sometimes what looks like a selfish nature. They can write their own laws and prefer to deal with issues in their own way. They can take most things including poverty and hardship but they do expect a fair days pay for a good days work. Scorpios are happy with limited resources, are practical and are excellent at keeping a secret. They make great friends but be wary of medalling in their private life! Some Scorpios are lively, loyal, and raring to go and others may be cranky, snappy and stormy, whist others are quiet, shy and calm. With the ruling planet of Mars they can be shrewd and selfish and also powerful humanitarians.

One of the crystals for Scorpio the Scorpion is Citrine. This crystal is a powerful generator and never requires cleaning as it automatically shifts anything negative itself. It is a protector for the Aura and all 7 chakras. It activates the Crown chakra and brings in your intuition. This powerful crystal is also known as the wealth stone and the traveller’s talisman. Others call it the abundance stone, always carry one with you and it is said you will always have money on you and it will attract money to you. Citrine is beneficial for the self esteem, confidence, self expression, motivation, and creativity and excellent for dissipating depression. In healing it aids the kidneys, digestion, circulation, nerves and Detox.

Another birthstone for Scorpio the Scorpion is Malachite. This is another powerful stone and should be kept away from children as it is toxic but very beautiful, the polished specimen is best to use and wear. Malachite is an amplifier of positive and negative energy, it stimulates spiritual power and the crystal itself is said to be still evolving. It is sometimes referred to as the healer’s stone and has an impact in that modality. It protects against radiation, pollution and nuclear pollution. Malachite clears and aligns all chakras, it activates psychic ability, brings about peace, balance and harmony. Malachite is the crystal of transformation. It can benefit those suffering mental illness, past life trauma and stress related emotions. Please note that Malachite has a high percentage of copper and those with a sensitive heart may experience palpitations when wearing it; this is the case for me as much as I love the crystal I can’t wear it.

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