• November 22nd – December 21st
  • Zodiac sign: The Bowman.
  • Crystals/ Birthstones: Charoite, Amethyst, Azurite, Smoky Quartz.
  • Ruling planet: Jupiter.
  • Flower: Poinsettia, Holly.

Sagittarius the Archer is the ninth sign of the zodiac and the sign of the straight shooting personality. These people are usually direct, independent and happy with whom they are and have life vision. Sagittarians are honest by nature and if not then it is usually due to another influence in the sign. They do not like being misunderstood or accused of doing something they haven’t or meddling in another’s affair. The Sagittarian doesn’t realize sometimes they are aiming way to high and this can lend them to criticism and ridicule from others. Some of them will dress to impress where-as others may look like they just got out of bed, even tho they are usually financially well off! They will devote much time to family, friends and hobbies. They dislike dishonesty and deception opting for the truth even if it is blunt. The Sagittarian can predict things that may transpire and can be extremely accurate alot of the time.

They are never extravagant but will spend on things that they see are worth-while and necessary; they like nice things but often will not spend much on themselves. They can do almost anything they put their minds to and will always see it through. Sagittarians make friends easily but sometimes need to hold their tongue when it comes to strong opinions of other’s. They will devote much time to hobbies and things they love to do. They are knowledge gatherers, driven, kind, active, gifted, happy souls.

One of the crystals for Sagittarius the Bowman (Archer) is Smoky Quartz which is an effective grounding and releasing stone. It has strong links to the earth and is good for the Base chakra. An excellent stone for release of stress, deep depression and those with suicidal tendencies.  It promotes concentration, communication and clears the mind for meditation. Smoky Quartz is effective for alleviating bad dreams and nightmares, it facilitates relaxation for sleep. It benefits those with head-aches and pain throughout the body. It strengthens the human soul and gives insight for moving on from past pain. Those who suffer ongoing depression need to meditate with this crystal regularly and wear it as a pendant if possible. Smoky Quartz aids healing with most pain physical, mental and spiritual.

Another stone for Sagittarius the Bowman is Charoite also known as the Soul Stone or Aura Stone. An exceptional crystal for spiritual work of all kinds and levels, it stimulates love and links to higher purpose. It helps you to accept things in your life that you cannot change and acceptance of other people.  It brings forth decision making when it is difficult and stimulates better perception. Charoite releases negative energy and facilitates healing on many levels earthing anything that does not serve you in a positive manner. This stone also regulates sleep problems bringing better and deeper sleep patterns. It deals with past life issues especially where Karma is involved.  Charoite aligns itself with Soulmate connections and Higher Consciousness.

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