• September 23rd – October 22nd.
  • The sign of the Scales.
  • Crystals/Birthstones: Opal, Pink Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Aventurine, Bloodstone.
  • Ruling Planet: Venus.
  • Flowers: Marigold, Dahlia.

Libra the Scales is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is the symbol of balance and of always trying to equalize all situations in life. Librans tend to be hard on themselves and can become quite mixed up and go out of their way to bring about balance and equilibrium. They are very understanding, peaceful, sympathetic and sincere people but to their own detriment they can be easily swayed. The problems they face is keeping the balance and making sense sometimes of what is going on. The Libra nature is one of self-sacrifice, but their intuition is excellent and they have great instincts and can usually tell when something is true or false. When things don’t add up and they know they are being taken for a ride (so to speak), that gentle, delicate nature will fire up and then watch out!

Libra the Scales are very sincere, soulful people that get wrapped up in others lives always there to help and give of themselves; their business, private, practical side of life will be dropped in a heartbeat when family or friends are in need of them. They will always choose human beings over anything else in life; they are affectionate and have great love for the animal kingdom as well. They tend to build people up way more than another’s expectations of that same person, Libra just really prefer not to see the negative side of anyone if they can help it. They can be stubborn when fighting a cause that they believe in or wish to see justice for. They are sentimental and harmonious but don’t point out their short comings as you may end up in an argument.

The Birthstone for Libra the Scales is Opal which has a gentle fine vibration and can enhance their intuition and psychic abilities. It helps you to see the real you and picks up on thoughts and feelings; if these are negative in any way then they will be sent back to the source of where they came. Opal is known as the karmic stone which teaches us that what we put out will surely be returned to us, good and bad……  opal enhances self worth, potential, lightness, love and passion. This stone stabilises emotional unease, centres scattered energy and encourages positive energy and well-being. Opal is great for the memory, fevers, cleansing the blood, kidneys and some infections.

One of the crystals for Libra is Lapis Lazuli and this crystal is for enlightenment, psychic and spiritual work. This is a very efficient stone for releasing deep rooted stress; it is a protection stone and facilitates contact with spirit guides. For those that believe in curses this stone can be of use and protects against psychic attack. Lapis lazuli brings out the inner self, truth and compassion, it also helps you confront the truth and express emotions and feelings. Lapis bonds friendships and relationships and facilitates trust. Lapis alleviates depression, headaches, problems with the throat and nervous system. Beneficial at the Throat and Third Eye Chakras.

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