Leo the lion is the fifth sign of the zodiac and their horoscope chart can be depicted by their impulsive, high spirited nature. They bring to the sign great courage, determination and willpower. Leo’s sometimes need to control their mighty impulses and not go over the top! Their nature of the lion sees them unwilling to stop until they attain their ambitions. Leo’s are confident, persuasive and strong; sometimes their enthusiasm can be seen as an over-active ego. They accomplish most of what they set out to do, they are natural leaders and have the ability to take control of situations and be victorious. They should be aware of going beyond their abilities and setting impossible goals or tasks as they do not like failure.

The mighty lion will not conquer unless he is prepared to have a go and Leo’s are all about having a go! They make friends easily; they adore luxury and the finer things in life and can be very persuasive in getting what they require. They are warm and generous people but can sulk if they miss out on something they want. They also need to restrain their ego from time to time as they enjoy flattery and may let it go to their head!

Leo’s are very easy to pick out of a crowd as their uplifting, excited nature is present in almost every birth date throughout the sign. They can be analytical and demanding sometimes but have natural intuition and great imagination.

One of the best crystals for Leo the lion is Peridot as it protects the aura and releases toxins on all levels. It is an excellent purifier, cleanser and neutralizer. It is effective in clearing the physical body as well as the subtle bodies (all 7 layers of the aura). It helps release old patterns that don’t serve you, also obstacles, guilt, emotional pain and obsessions. Peridot helps to release you of the past and the attachments that may be holding you back. This crystal helps you understand who you are and bring forth your spiritual path; it is also excellent for those doing healing work. It brings out confidence, growth, clarity and well being. Peridot puts at ease anger, jealousy, resentment and stress. This crystal aids the heart, lungs, intestinal tract, eyes and spleen.

Another birthstone for Leo is Emerald, the stone of inspiration. Emerald brings forth life affirming love, bliss, friendship and a loyal connection. This stone has a calming effect and opens the heart chakra. It enhances those that have psychic abilities and offers great protection for those who work in all metaphysical fields. Emerald offers strength, wisdom, understanding, truth and vision. This stone is useful in healing and regeneration and to reduce negative emotions. Emerald is beneficial in the recovery of illness; also beneficial to the liver (Detox), heart, spine, eyes and muscle structure.

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