Gemini  the Twins is the third sign of the zodiac. The duel nature of this sign is indicative of those born under it. These persons are very active, clever and can sometimes be unpredictable, they can sometimes get ahead of themselves, and it can be a case of expect the unexpected with the Gemini clan; this comes from the duel aspect of their nature. Gemini’s are always willing to have a go at most things and if something interests them then they tend to pick it up easily, but if they fail they give it away immediately and try something else.

They are very friendly and make friends easily. They love hobbies but tend to lose interest quickly; they also find it easy to make money and can be prone to gambling. Gemini’s are practical and like to achieve good results in all they endeavor and set out to do. Some of them can be a bit stingy others can be very generous. They love travel and can become restless, preferring to be on the go. The Gemini nature can be suspicious and they need to gain trust in new friendships. They often do things differently but work hard at carving out a career and being a success. They prefer to get to the point rather than beat around the bush. Also they can be moody but usually not bad tempered. Gemini’s are good family people, they can be powerful and persuasive if the situation requires them to be.

The Crystal/Birthstone for Gemini the Twins is Rose Quartz and this is the crystal of love and is excellent for the Heart Chakra. It is a gentle purifying stone that brings calm and peace to uneasy situations. Rose Quartz is said to attract love to those looking for a relationship. It restores trust and removes negative energy around the heart. Helps to accept change where it is needed and it promotes healing and helps you to see the beauty within. This crystal helps you to open your heart to allow new love to come in and heal the pain of lost love. It encourages self worth and acceptance and promotes self love. This stone is beneficial for healing in the chest area and useful in fertility.

Another crystal for Gemini is Apophyllite. This is an excellent energy crystal and useful in past life recollection. It creates a link between the spiritual and physical realms. It is a spiritual stone that facilitates clairvoyant and intuitive energy. It helps you look at and evaluate your behaviour and bring about balance. Apophyllite has a calming effect on stress and dissipates negativity, it also releases blockages and enables decision making. This crystal alleviates suppressed emotions, anxiety and fears. A useful stone for those who do healing work, Reiki and energy healers in particular, as it facilitates the transmission of energy required for healing. Apophyllite is useful for the respiratory system and when placed on the Third Eye Chakra facilitates intuitive meditation. Placed at the Heart Chakra it can remove past life issues and pain.

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