• June 21st -July 22nd.
  • Sign of the Crab.
  • Crystals/ Birthstones:  Ruby, Moonstone, Moss Agate, Rhodonite.
  • Ruling Planet : The Moon.
  • Flower:  Waterlily.

Cancer the Crab is the forth sign of the zodiac; people under the sign of Cancer are said to be inconspicuous and cautious. They are usually shy and quite sensitive and tend to withdraw within themselves, hence the sign of the Crab. They are deep thinkers and can spend alot of time doing it which in turn can bring result and great success in much of what they endeavour to do. Cancerians can be moody, restless and changeable and when in a bad mood best left to their own devices. They tend to be associated with religious, political and business modalities, also assuming they are right in most situations and will enter a debate about things but are usually reasonable in the outcome. When a person under the sign of Cancer puts their mind to something they go for it so long as they don’t under-estimate themselves. They are also known for changing their minds at a moment’s notice in minor situations.

Those that enjoy the sign of Cancer enjoy travel and new places but also love coming home; they are excellent home makers, their home is their comfort and their sanctuary. They can be ruled by their emotions and can become overloaded in an emotional situation sometimes needing to step back for their own good. Cancerians tend to worry way too much and can indulge in fear which left un-checked can be unhealthy for them. They work hard on their security including their financial security. They will toil away working for hours until the job is done; they can be perfectionists and they like routine. The Cancerian crab can have a moody disposition and they need to avoid jealousy and spite. They get satisfaction in helping others, and at times go out of their way to do so. The crab’s moods are swayed greatly by the movement of the Moon’s cycles and the influence of the planet Mercury. When they unwell or tired they will retreat back into their shell, so to speak.

Ruby is an excellent crystal/birthstone for Cancer the Crab; this stone brings forth life energy and encourages passion and motivation. It brings in dreams that are positive and clear; and acts as a good protections stone especially when one is requiring warding off psychic attacks. Ruby stands for wealth and abundance and promotes those in leadership roles. It helps those who wear it to be courageous, positive and aware; Ruby keeps the mind alert and aids concentration. It tends to calm those who are over-active or those who find themselves in a dispute. Ruby is beneficial at the heart chakra for balance and detoxification. As a healing aid it can benefit the blood flow, heart, kidneys (Detox) and adrenal system.

Another crystal that benefits Cancer is Moonstone which is connected to the intuition and strongly connected to the moon. It connects us to our emotions, psychic ability, intuition and clairvoyance. Moonstone is a highly feminine stone with gentle energy that balances the Yin/Yang polarities. It stabilises emotions, emotional situations and repetitive patterns. It is also useful for balancing hormones, the reproductive system and the monthly cycle of women. Moonstone works well at the Solar Plexus and heart chakras as it helps to eliminate toxins, balance the digestive system, hormones and ease emotions at the heart level. Cancer the crab come into their own spiritual being on and around the Full Moon.

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