• January 20th – February 18th
  • Zodiac sign of the Water Carrier.
  • Ruling Planet: Saturn.
  • Crystals/ Birthstones: Amethyst, Angelite, Moonstone, Labradorite.
  • Flowers: Primrose, Violet.

Aquarius the Water Carrier is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and the symbol of the great humanitarian; they are fearless and will jump in to help even at his own peril. Some of the greatest people in history have been born under this sign. They are usually persons of powerful persuasion and will get their point across in a direct but simple way.  They tend to have a wonderful magnetic affect on those that they come into contact with, but they can just turn off at a moment’s notice also. Aquarians are reliable, active, caring, agreeable, well mannered characters. Some of them can attain great heights in life whilst others seem to struggle thru; this is explained on the time that they were born into the sign. They can find it hard to accept any sort of criticism as they have much dignity.

Aquarius the Water Carrier can at times be a bit full of themselves, putting their affairs first but this tends to be the minority in the sign. They love to ask advice but then tend not to take it on board. The humanitarians in the sign are the ones who have risen above themselves and these are the ones who love human nature. They find work in helping others and make themselves popular by doing so. Their minds are active and witty, but they do find it hard to trust until they really know someone. You are likely to find an Aquarian in any field that requires social work, intervention and even enterprise.

A Crystal for Aquarius the Water Carrier is Labradorite the stone of light. It raises awareness with the Universal life force and connects you with the universal energy.       It is a highly protective shield for all energy and especially for Light Workers. This crystal is also known as the esoteric stone and facilitates Knowledge, imagination and rationality. It is calming to the mind, re-affirms trust, and brings insight, releases fear and insecurities. As a stone of transformation it helps you accept the past, grow and reach your potential. Very affective at the heart chakra, aids the brain, hormones, tension, eyes and metabolism. Labradorite held on the Third eye Chakra can facilitate visualization, clairvoyance and channelling.

Another crystal for Aquarius is Amethyst. This powerful protective stone is highly spiritual. It blocks negative energy and the source of stress. Amethyst has good healing properties and very useful to those suffering with insomnia or sleep disturbances. This crystal is beneficial to the mind and facilitates a calming affect for those wishing to do deep meditation, make decisions or activate the memory. Amethyst alleviates fear, anger and anxiety, also sadness and loss. This crystal promotes spiritual love and spirituality; it opens the intuition and psychic mind. Amethyst is useful at the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra to stimulate meditation. It is beneficial for the intestines, blood, lungs, immune system and for releasing headaches.

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