This Angel Zodiac Reading is for the star sign of Sagittarius, the wonderful Archer….. As you are born under this star sign you are a person who aimes for what you want and quite often with gentle precision you get it, but if you miss you can also become easily despondent.
This reading brings Arch-Angel Michael as at this time he knows you are needing protection, mainly for your heart and affairs of the heart…. you have yourself in fairly deep in a relationship/ friendship that is causing you emotional pain and confusion. You really don’t know if to keep going with it or release it once and for-all! You have really put your heart and soul on the line with this situation and have been trying to make it work for sometime now, and even tho it does have it’s great times, it has also had some very low and painful times, even to the point that you have second guessed yourself and what role you should be playing!Sagitarius
Well, along with Arch-Angel Michael comes a powerful and wonderful Arch-Angel known as Arch-Angel Metatron and he is affectionately known as the Arch-Angel of Life. He is the Gaurdian of all life and the Blessed Tree Of Life along with the Universe’s Records of Human Life and the Good Deeds that we as humans do whilst we are here on Earth.
Metatron is powerful but also very gentle when it comes to emotional healing…… as a Life Guide he will encourage you to make the hard decisions that are necessary for you to move on with your life without the person that is causing so much unrest and emotional blockage. He will stand stedfast with you and will lead you onto a new path, but first you must make the hard decisions to free yourself and thus your heart strings.
Your employment is also causing you some un-rest…… it’s just not what you really want to be doing in the near future let alone the rest of your life! Again, you are the one standing in your own way….. you are full of indecision and it’s just not working for you, you need to gather up some of that Archer’s might and go for what you want! When you make the decision to move on and forward with your life, the Angels will be there to help and guide you…… just ask them for their guidance and trust that they won’t let you down…..
The Angels are saying you are a wonderful, trustful and faithful friend and you are always there for those you love and to help your mates when they need you….. so trust that they are there for you as well when you need a shoulder to lean on. You tend to work very hard at every-thing you do and don’t always receive the accolades you deserve, but when you are recognised for your good deeds and work, you feel very proud and happy with your-self.
Angels Michael and Metatron are urging you to always feel good about yourself and good things will find their way to you….. that which you put out will also be returned to you…… you are a wonderful Soul and your very life is so special to your family and friends, they love you more than you can possibly know. Just trust your Angels, ask them for help and guidance and you will receive what you need to make your life and love life truly great….. you so deserve it and so much more.
Much love and Goddess Blessings to you, eternally……

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