Smoky Quartz is an important asset to those that use it on a regular basis as this crystal is an excellent grounding stone. It is very effective and efficient with dispelling negative, debilitating energy. It vibrates at an intense frequency to help relieve depression, fear, emotional and physical trauma. Also it can be effective for those suffering with suicidal tendencies. I have known two people throughout my work that I have been able to help dismiss suicidal thoughts with the help of Smoky Quartz. The colour varies from very light glassy looking shades of brown to darker, thicker tones of brown, grey and black.

It raises positive vibrations whilst meditating and keeps you grounded at the same time. This crystal is aligned with the Sacrel and Base Chakras. It aids with protection on all levels and absorbs electromagnetic emissions. It can also assist in the detoxification process and relieves the body of stress and blockages.

Smoky Quartz aids us in accepting ourselves and releasing anything that holds us back or does not serve us in a positive nature. As it works in conjunction with the Sacrel and Base chakra (or Earth chakra) it gives aid to sexual problems we feel we may have. Sometimes it is not that we are really having a problem, it is more about how we feel about ourselves and our body. This crystal helps us accept the beauty within all of us and to feel comfortable with who we are and what we have to offer. Meditating with it will cleanse and revitalise these two Earth chakras and realign the energy system.

This crystal promotes positive mental thought patterns and gives way to clearer insight. It also helps with concentration and communication. Assists those who are undergoing stressful medical treatments and provides relaxation, relief and healing. It can also be affective in relieving headaches, muscle pain and pain associated with abdomen, lower back and hips.

The most effective placement of jewellery would be in the form of a pendant on a long chain, so the pendant rests against the Solar Plexus. Also to be worn as earrings, bracelets and rings. Wearing any crystals on your person gives energy to the Aura, Chakras and senses. Without being aware of it, you are carrying a gentle energy with you where ever you go, when you wear or carry crystals.

I have a single termination pillar of Smoky Quartz beside the bed, and most nights I will hold it between my palms and ask that all the negative attachments of the day be released before I go to sleep. I close my eyes (still holding the crystal) and see the energy being shifted. The same can be done with a tumbled stone of smoky quartz, and then place it under your pillow while you sleep.

There is a wealth of information around on Smoky Quartz, as is the case of most of the crystal family. Most book shops will have a good selection of books on crystals. New Age and Metaphysical shops will usually have a great range of crystals, or be able to help you locate what you are after. Just remember, Crystals do not have to be expensive in order to accommodate your needs, I have found that a $3 tumbled stone does have ample energy to do the work.

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