When sourcing a stone/crystal that symbolizes love, then you are looking for Rose Quartz. Its color ranges from opaque, almost transparent pink to rich, darker tones of pink. When found, it is usually in the formation of large rock boulders. These boulders are hit with force to get them to cleave and break into smaller more manageable pieces.  It can also be found in allotments of smaller, hand size rocks.

Rose quartz is said to be the crystal for unconditional love, harmony and peace. It aligns itself with the heart and Heart Chakra. It is favorable to use this crystal when doing a meditation or crystal healing on this chakra. It helps to purify the heart and facilitate inner healing and love of the self. It is an excellent stone to bring calm, peace and reassurance to a painful situation or crisis. In Metaphysical work it opens the heart on all levels and clears a path when trying to find that special love or relationship.

This crystal is probably most affective on the bedside table, or scattered on several surfaces throughout the bedroom, to ensure harmony and balance in an existing relationship. When you are falling in love, your Aura will be beaming with pink energy, and using this crystal will enhance the fuzzy feelings of falling in love.  Also a combination of rose quartz and Amethyst can help bring calm and resolve to turmoil in a relationship, bringing back mutual trust and harmony.

Rose quartz is a subtle, empathic stone that aids sensitivity and helps the user accept change when needed. It is a gentle energy, so again, if you require help in deflecting and repelling negative energy, then use the rose quartz crystal in conjunction with Amethyst or Smoky quartz. These three crystals work very well together. Its finest quality is healing, it works on every emotional level to try and bring back harmony and equilibrium to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and Aura Energy. It releases unresolved emotional issues and conditioning. It helps you cross the barriers to self forgiveness and forgiveness of others. When trauma and pain has become internalized, then rose quartz can help release the internal pressure in order for there to be healing and acceptance.

For those wishing to receive love, then this stone opens your heart to help it become more receptive and accepting of love. It encourages you to love and trust yourself first. When you have a broken heart and lost love in your life, then meditating with rose can give you some comfort and understanding. Sleeping with it under your pillow can ease your personal pain and help with rest and the healing process whilst you are sleeping.

It is said to aid the heart, circulation system, thymus, lungs and adrenal system. It may also be helpful with fertility. In jewelery, wear it over the heart/chest. Rose quartz’s warm nurturing energy sends positive, loving energy to the heart, no matter what condition it or you are in. This is an inexpensive crystal that offers much in return. Buying it in its raw or tumbled form, the stone performs the same. Always a beautiful pink, gentle energy, which will warm your soul.

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