Citrine is a powerful Quartz crystal as in it never requires clearing or cleansing it automatically clears and re-energises itself. This crystal is also referred to as the wealth stone, abundance stone or money stone; it is suggested that whenever you are carrying a Citrine or wearing it as a piece of jewellery then you will always maintain money even if it is only a small amount you should never be caught short. Putting a piece of raw or tumbled c/quartz in your cash draw or cash tin at work will keep money coming thru your door. I used to have a large exhibit for selling goods at a New Age expo and whenever I placed a Citrine crystal in my cash box I had an excellent day! Place this stone in the wealth corner of your home which is the furthers back left area away from your front door. In Ancient times this stone was revered as a protection symbol and as a wealth stone the ancient priests would have this gem fitted into the breast plates that they wore with their garments. This they felt gave them the power to extract the taxes from their flock.

This crystal is also known as the travellers talisman or travellers stone; it acts as protection for those that travel by every mode of transport and even works for your animals. This stone vibrates at a high frequency always scanning to remove negative energy and when used in conjunction with healing it reacts the same way with the body. Very affective at the Solar Plexus Citrine opens clears and re-energises this chakra with ease and considering this is the chakra that tends to affect alot of peoples health then it is well worth doing a chakra clearing with it. For those who do not know about the solar plexus it is the area between the breast bone and the navel and it is where we tend to push down our frustrations, anger, resentment and disappointment, so in essence when we suffer problems with our health in that area then it’s usually due to this chakra being blocked and our energy (Chi) is unable to flow properly.

Citrine Quartz is a powerful protector of the human aura as well; it absorbs, dissipates and grounds any negative energy around or working thru the aura. The golden yellow colour is warm like the sunlight and radiates its beauty when in the sunlight. For those wishing to meditate it will activate the crown chakra and link you to higher energy and bring forth a deeper meditation. For those who have family disruptions or difficult children/ teenagers Citrine and Amethyst placed in the room where most of the action happens will help to quell the situation and amethyst brings harmony.

This crystal benefits self esteem, motivation, self expression, positive attitudes and helps to balance feelings and states of emotion. Wearing as jewellery whether it is a pendant, ring, earrings or a set of tumbled beads, all are highly beneficial to your personal energy and the auric energy field. This little gem is beneficial for the kidneys, digestion, circulation, and thyroid and to detoxify the bodies systems. For those ladies with menstrual or menopause problems meditating and sleeping with citrine may help.

On an astrological level this crystal aligns with the zodiac signs of Aries the ram, Scorpio the Scorpion. Both these fire signs have the ruling planet of Mars and Citrine can help to bring the high activity and fiery blaze of these signs under control, bringing equilibrium, understanding and patience to these signs of the horoscope.

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