Bloodstone is primarily a green Quartz crystal with speckles of red Jasper throughout it. It is readily available as a tumbled polished stone, but not as readily available in its raw natural form. This crystal is a powerful blood detoxifier and blocks negative energy. Bloodstones aligned with the zodiac sign of Libra the Scales September 23rd – October 22nd . In ancient times it was said to be a powerful healing crystal used extensively in Ancient Egypt as a blood detoxifier and to leech out poisonous toxins. When used in conjunction with Aventurine the two crystals work well together. Green Aventurine is not as dark in its green colouration as the Bloodstone and has speckles of mica throughout. The two crystals are excellent healing conductors for body and mind; the Bloodstone works on the elimination of the body’s toxins and is effective in aiding the blood, kidneys and liver; the Aventurine stabilises the mind, nerves and thymus gland.

Both cleanse, detoxify and re-energise the blood system throughout the body. Aventurine is one of the crystals aligned with the zodiac sign of Aries the Ram March 21st – April 19th helping to balance the fiery energy of the Mars influence of that sign. Bloodstone activates the intuition and facilitates grounding when doing psychic work or deep meditation. It is a highly evolved spiritual stone and can help with what you need in the here and now, bringing insight in to decision making and patience in day to day issues and situations.

Place Bloodstone on the lower three chakras; Solar Plexus, Sacral (navel) and Base (earth) chakras to aid the drawing out of toxic energy that does not serve you, and re-align the chakras so they function better. Both crystals work well at the Heart Chakra; B/stone aids the heart energy and Aventurine stabilises an emotional heart and reduces painful stress linked with an emotional loss or situation. Aventurine is of benefit to those who suffer with headaches or pain around the eyes or temples. It helps balance blood pressure and inflammatory problems.

As green is the primary colour in healing crystals both these crystals complement each other well, they both promote the feeling of wellness and emotional stability and happiness.

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