Azeztulite is a very rare crystal to find these days, thus making it quite expensive to purchase. It has been mined in North Carolina, but that source has run out. It is a fairly plain quartz that is colourless or white but highly prized within the New Age Movement due to its strong, pure vibration. Azeztulite attunes itself to the highest Universal frequencies to contribute to Spiritual Evolution.Azeztulite

When working with this crystal you can expand your awareness and consciousness to a higher level which helps you to use the positive energy to help and benefit others. The vibrational energy can be quite powerful and it is recommended that those new to Spiritual work and The New Age take care in using this crystal as it may have strong side-effects. So only work with Azeztulite when you are well versed in crystal therapy and work.

Ensure you are emotionally strong and stable to protect yourself from old emotional patterns surfacing whilst working with this crystal. Azeztulite is an excellent stone to facilitate meditation and acts as a protective barrier around the body. It also raises the kundalini energy within the spinal system, but again ensure you are not a novice and do not experiment with this stone, use it wisely and respectfully.

This rare crystal opens the Third Eye Chakra, the Crown Chakra and all of The Higher Universal Spiritual Chakra’s. It is a crystal of vision and attunes to spiritual levels and guidance. Some Psychics or spiritual readers use it to tune the Third Eye and help them to see into the future.

On a physical healing level it is suggested that this crystal can assist with cellular problems and inflammation within the bodily system. Healing work with Azeztulite is done at a vibrational spiritual level, working on connections with the Higher Chakra’s and higher reality.

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