Amethyst Crystals are one of our earth’s most beautiful crystals.  Its color ranges from very light (almost transparent) purple to lavender to darkest purple (almost looks black). Amethyst Crystals are a very powerful, protective, Spiritual Crystal with a high vibration. It is said to protect the wearer/ user of it against ‘psychic attack’ and negative energy that may be around or directed at you. It is a perfect crystal to have in your bedroom if you suffer insomnia or other sleeping disorders. Its meditative qualities help you with relaxation and stress release. Amethyst is used by most people that indulge in Meditation, as it helps facilitate you into and thru the levels of your Meditation. At the same time, promoting its strong cleansing, clearing and healing properties.

It is highly prized by those in the metaphysical and Spiritual fields. Amethyst crystals can be an excellent facilitator in overcoming blockages in our Aura and Chakra systems. As a meditation tool, it can be of benefit to the mind on all levels, calming when needed, bringing about tranquil thoughts, or active and stimulating when required. When meditation is in progress, it can help clear scattered thoughts and bring in more focus and connection to the Higher Consciousness. In the metaphysical field it is believed that Amethyst Crystals help bring forth spiritual insights and the connection of new thoughts and ideas. Also clears the path for decision making and brings tranquility to the over active or tormented mind.

Amethyst Crystals can be used to dispel/ alleviate stress, fear, anger, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Also it is a nurturing stone for those dealing with loss, sadness and grief. Healing is said to be one of its greatest attributes, boosting the immune system and hormone function. Cleansing, clearing, healing our body’s digestive system, and detoxifying the blood. It is a transporter of Energy thru meditation and spiritual work.  For those that suffer headaches and tension, amethyst can bring ease and peace. It works in harmony with the Aura, bringing about balance and deflecting negative energy in the aura.

Amethyst aligns with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, connecting us with our Higher Consciousness and Spiritual realm. The crown chakra vibrates in unison with the high vibration of amethyst and the third eye, which is our intuitive sight, opens up for clearer insight.

This crystal can be placed anywhere in the home, or work area. Try and keep it free of dust build up and long periods of direct sunlight, as keeping it in the sun will fade its color over time. To eliminate dust, just rinse it occasionally under warm water, towel dry as best you can, then let sit somewhere warm to dry completely.

Amethyst Crystals seems to be most beneficial in the sleeping areas in the home, to bring comfort and help with insomnia. I usually put a tumbled stone under my pillow and have a cluster (if not several) beside the bed and in the room. Even when I travel, I have a small container of crystals with me to place beside the bed. Clusters of amethyst are also great for cleansing the energy of other crystals and crystal jewelery. Terminators (or wands as they are known) are excellent conductors for healing work and scrying. For those who wish to wear it as jewelery, it is probably most beneficial worn as earrings or a necklace close to the upper chest area. Wearing it near the heart can be effective (especially in conjunction with Rose quartz) to help clear and align the chakra energy of the heart, chest and lung areas. Lavender amethyst can work especially well with these chakras to stimulate, activate and then bring calm to them.

It is said that double terminated crystals facilitate beta brain waves, which is your awakening state, thus helping concentration. The Chevron Amethyst (which is purple with white inclusions) is excellent to awaken and stimulate the Third eye chakra and intuitive insight. Also can assist when there is an out of body experience. This crystal is also a powerful cleanser of the aura and helps with any healing that it may require. It brings about harmony to body and its organs. Also helps regulate the immune system.

I am bias when it comes to Amethyst Crystals. For me it is a beautiful creation and gifted energy which I utilize on a regular basis.  If nothing else, its magnificent shades of purple and different facets are wonderful to look at.

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