The Quartz Crystal Family…..

The major Crystals in the Quartz family are Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz. The makeup of quartz or rock crystal as it is also known by, is silicon dioxide, which crystallizes in many forms, the most common being solid rock or faceted clusters. The highest vibration of these crystals is found in the clear quartz, it is described as being piezo-electric and pyro-electric. If this crystal is subjected to heat and/or pressure, then the vibration of it may change. For instance; when you hold it in your hand for any length of time and apply pressure, the heat of you holding it will alter its receiving and emitting energy transmissions. For a moment, think about the ‘quartz watch’ how the transmitting factor of the watch relies on the quartz….. Depending on the polarity of the clear stone as to whether it is emitting positive or negative energy. The tip usually directs positive and receives positive energy, but if the stone is under pressure, then it will change and draw out any negative energies.

It amplifies, stores, transfers, focuses and transforms energy. It can be used to dispel static electricity, to absorb radio-active emissions from computers, televisions, microwaves and any other electrical device that may emit radiation. It is recommended to place it on the other side of the wall where the main power box to the home is located, so it can absorb any leakage or waves of electricity. Don’t go to sleep close to clear Quartz tho, as it is known to keep you awake with emitting and receiving energy. I have spoken with people who were having sleeping problems only to find that they go to bed with their wrist watch on! It can also offer assistance with concentration, positive thought and thought patterns. When used in Meditation, it can alter states of consciousness and enhance the levels of the meditation and connection.

This is not the same for Amethyst, Rose, Citrine and Smoky, they are all fine to have in your bedrooms. There is always an exception to the rule of course, and some people sleep fine with clear quartz in the room! Amethyst is calming, Spiritual, relaxing and an intuitive stone. Its purple colours are striking. It is use in a myriad of modalities, especially Meditation and Healing. Rose quartz is a beautiful  healing stone that is a gentle achiever and works in conjunction with the heart Chakra and helps us on our path to love. Citrine is known as the ‘wealth and protection stone’. It was highly prized by the ancient priests, as a ways to a means to extract the taxes out of their flock! It is said to carry a small tumbled specimen in your wallet/purse is said to ensure you always have money on you. Also to carry it in your vehicle or luggage for travel protection.

Smoky Quartz is an excellent Crystal to deflect negative energy that may be directed your way. Also negative energy you have taken on board or absorbed into your Aura. This stone is very strong and can take on alot. It comes in varying shades of brown, grey and black. This stone is excellent (as is clear quartz) for those suffering with depression and tormenting, destructive thought patterns. I have used it myself alot with depression, so I know it helps. A terminator (or wand style as is better known) is a wonderful cleanser and healing crystal/quartz.

Quartz Crystals are widely abundant and usually inexpensive (depending on style, size, colour and location). They are extensively used by the Metaphysical and New Age Fields, by Spiritual teachers and Healers, by everyday people like you and I. They are said to help us make the connection between our earthly incarnation and with those who have passed on, with our Higher Consciousness and with Angel and Spirit Guides.

Whether you purchase them for their qualities, uses or beauty, they are all worth something precious and worthwhile to their owner.

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