Rose Quartz

June 6, 2011

Rose Quartz is a lovely, gentle crystal from the quartz family and ranges in color from very pale, almost opaque, pink to rich deep pink.

This delicate but powerful crystal promotes self love and love of all that is around you. It cuts through emotional blockages and releases energy to help you move through emotional times and stressful situations.

It is known as the love stone and also the relationship crystal, it brings balance to the yin/yang energy force and brings calm, equilibrium and peace to relationships and friendships.

This beautiful crystal aids the healing of emotional wounds, sadness, grief and loss.

It is useful for bringing calm and peaceful rest when you are uptight and unable to relax, just meditate for 15minutes holding the crystal in your hands and breath deeply then relax, let every thing go and then go to bed.

Rose quartz helps with the fluid levels in the body, aids the rejuvenation of cells and the releasing of toxins.

Rose Quartz aligns with the crown chakra, brow and throat chakra’s, and the heart chakra.

All information serves as a guide only.

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