May 18, 2011

Kyanite is a striated, bladed crystal and ranges in colour from blue-white, grey, black, green and yellow ( green and yellow are quite rare today).

This is an excellent crystal for attunement and balance, it is a powerful amplifier and transmitter of energy and never requires cleansing as it is strong enough to self cleanse.

Its a calming stone that facilitates communication, ideas and inner thoughts. Is also excellent for those who meditate and want to be at one with Creation and the Universe.

I love this crystal as it is excellent for aligning the spine and the chakras from head to foot, it gives relief to back pain and tension when the crystal is moved up the spine starting at the tail bone and moving upward to the head. Repeat this action slowly upto 12 times, breathing deeply and releasing negative energy each time.

Sitting with the crystal, whilst your watching television, and stroking the crystal with your palm will release energy that can relax you and enable better sleep.

This crystal can be used to connect you to your Spirit guides, psychic abilities, spirituality and Clairvoyance.

It has the capacity to cut through blockages, frustration, fear, anger and stress. It instantly clears, re-aligns and re-vitalises the Chakras and the Aura, and promotes healing.

Kyanite aids the throat, communication, muscular system, glands, urogenital system and brain, and is aligned with the throat Chakra.

All information is given as a guide only.

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