January 31, 2015

Fluorite is a widely obtained crystal and found in Australia, Mexico,Germany, United States, Brazil and China; it comes in a great range of colors and color variances. The main colors are from almost clear through to yellow, greens, blue and beautiful arrays of purple.
This crystal is used in psychic and spiritual work because it works well on many levels and is highly protective and deflects psychic attack. An excellent stone to cleanse, re-energize and protect the human Aura, it removes negative energy, anxiety and stress, enabling you to stabilize and focus. Also useful in lifting your intuitive awareness and making you more aware of the higher realm of spiritual reality and spiritual Universal Mind.
Fluorite is useful with the progression of our daily life by helping us with organization and dissolving old habits and patterns that can hold us back. it helps us to open up our sub-conscious mind and see the bigger picture of our life by infusing us with our own self confidence…… even when we think we don’t have any!
It allows and helps us to process information as it comes to us, thus making it of value to those learning new skills. It aids concentration, mental co-ordination, new ideas, quicker clearer thinking and confidence.
It is suggested that its rainbow of colors act as a powerful healer and different colors refer to different parts of the body and bodily systems. Flourite assists in pain relief and some say it helps with relief of some arthritic conditions.
Green flourite is useful in grounding energy, releasing negative energy and stabilizing emotional stress and trauma. It activates the intuitive mind and cleanses the Aura and Chakra’s.
Purple (and all shades of purple) flourite is wonderful for stimulating the Third Eye Chakra and linking us to the higher spiritual realms and Higher Consciousness. Also used to connect with psychic communication and those who have passed over……….. especially whilst meditating.
Clear or opaque flourite is used at the Crown Chakra to clear, energize and re-activate the Aura and aligning all the Chakra’s, connecting us to the Universal Life Force. Also great for cleansing and re-energizing other crystals.

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