June 10, 2011

Citrine is a pale gold color crystal that comes from the quartz family of crystals. This crystal is used for wealth, abundance and prosperity, it is also used as a travelers talisman to protect those using any mode of transport.

This beautiful crystal can come in a range of colors starting from very pale yellow, thru to lemon, amber and golden yellow.

In Egyptian times the kings used citrine along with Lapis Lazuli and Gold to adorn their jewelery and robes. In Roman times the Ancient preists would adorn the breast plates of their robes with this crystal as they felt the power of the crystal would help them extract the taxes from the people of the land.

It is suggested that whilst ever you carry citrine’s in your purse, bag or wallet, you will always have money, or attract money to you.

This crystal stimulates endurance and helps mental focus; it helps you to develop abundance and brings positive influence in business areas.

It aids the development of new and positive ideas and reduces negative and destructive thought processes.

Citrine gives aid to the digestive system and organs, the liver and the bodies tissue structure.

The solar plexus and naval chakra’s are aligned with this crystal.

All information serves as a guide only.

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