May 26, 2011

Amethyst is a beautiful, spiritual crystal from the quartz family, it ranges in color from very pale lavender and lilac through to dark purple shades, some look like they are even black under certain lights.

This crystal is all about spirituality, contentment, peace and healing. It aids the revitalizing of energy and gives strength when it is needed. It helps with clarity in situations that may be difficult or stressful.

It brings calm and understanding to ones life in difficult times and gives you strength to make difficult decisions.

This crystal is known as the peace stone and brings balance and healing on all levels. It is a strong protection stone as well, and transmutes all forms of negativity, it can also promote energy to shield and protect.

This lovely stone is wonderful to promote restful sleep and it is useful to sleep with a piece of it under your pillow and/or at the foot of the bed.

It aids insight into ones life and helps to bring about change.

Amethyst aids every aspect of the body, soul, mind and spirit.

It is aligned with the crown chakra and used for all aspects of spirituality and divinity.

This beautiful crystal is stunning in jewelery and if you want to own a gorgeous crystal, then this one is certainly worth considering.

All information serves as a guide only.

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