Tigers Eye is known as a high vibration crystal and energy stone. This crystal is very grounded and aids grounding in persons involved in psychic work that tend to get to involved in their work and don’t come back down to earth (so to speak) It is a protection stone and  it helps the user to accomplish their goals without going overboard. It promotes what you need, not always what you think you need and this can cause some persons unrest as they like to have in their possession what they expect they need or want and as is the case with most of us (no matter what the sign) we can’t always have what we want!

This crystal is fairly easily obtained and has risen in popularity over the last ten years or so. Its most predominant colour is brown with darker bands of brown or black thru it, but can be found with red, pink, blue shades throughout the stone. Raw specimens are hard to find but tumbled polished specimens are easy to locate at most crystal outlets at a reasonable price. The mains sources of this crystal come from Africa, Mexico, India and Australia.

Tiger’s eye brings about integrity and promotes harmony, also issues with low self esteem and brings out the personality.  An excellent stone for depression and resolving unrest or disputes. Use at the third eye to facilitate psychic ability or at the sacral chakra to bring cleansing, healing to that area which is often out of alignment in a lot of us. Mentally it helps both sides of the brain to function and enhances perception. Also known to balance the yin/ yang polarities.

Wear as a pendant or position the stone on the body where appropriate for healing or grounding.

Tigers eye is aligned with the zodiac sign of Taurus April 20th – may 20th. Taureans are drawn to this stone for grounding and to help them understand why they don’t always receive what they seek.

Gemini May 21st – June 20th. The sign of Gemini utilize Tiger’s eye for psychic ability, psychic work and also for grounding.

Leo July 23rd – August 22nd. Leo’s prefer to know this crystal as Cats Eye to align with the Lion aspect of their sign. They use it for grounding and re-aligning of the chakras.

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