Sugilite is referred to as the Love stone and bestows the energy of love to those who use it and to the earth. This crystal is a gentle mauve thru to purple colouration, sometimes found with pink variations throughout the stone. It’s mainly sourced from Africa and Japan and has become rarer and thus more expensive in the last few years. It is said to open all chakras on all levels bringing with it cleansing and alignment. It promotes love both personal and spiritual, wisdom, awareness and the ability to be able to do Channelling work.

Sugilite enhances our life by helping us to live in truth and reminds our Soulmind why we are here. This crystal helps us to recognise past life issues and to move past them; giving us the ability to understand why we are here and what role we are to play. It guides us on our spiritual quests and spiritual enlightenment. Protects the soul essence from traumatic shock and life’s inevitable let downs and disappointments. It is an excellent stone for those who are very sensitive and those who choose the path of the earth’s light workers.

This crystal is beneficial for grounding, for those who suffer with mental illness, for those with learning problems or unable to retain knowledge, it helps to alleviate the grief that comes with loss or pain of separation, despair and fear. It facilitates the dissipation of negative energy and channels it into healing energy. Sugilites healing properties range from being a good pain reliever to bringing balance to the brains nervous system also clears the pain of headaches. In this case hold the crystal on the Third eye chakra and visualise the pain leaving your head.

Sugilite is aligned with the zodiac sign of Virgo August 23rd -September 22nd. Bringing balance to that star sign as they tend to be heavy thinkers and are susceptible to headaches. Sagittarius November 22nd – December 21st.  Sagittarians are drawn to the spiritual attainment of this stone and enlightenment.

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