Selenite crystal is one of the most amazing and pure of all crystals. It is referred to as Angelic due to its translucent thru to pure white colour and is said to vibrate on the Celestial level, contacting the Realm of Angels. Rarer specimens are also found in the colors of orange, brown or grey. Selenite has a gentle, fine vibration, but this takes nothing away from its powerful re-aligning and healing influence. This crystal is excellent to use to open the Crown Chakra and Higher Consciousness, which links us to even higher Chakras within our Aura. It also links us to the Angelic Realm, including all Angels, Arch-angels, Guides and Guardians. Selenite Crystal is found in long, slab like pieces or blades (as they are better known) unlike Amethyst and Smoky Quartz that are found in rock formation. It is fairly solid although it can cleave and splinter quite easily if dropped or damaged, as it is made up of millions of long slithers (needle like) of satin spar (crystallized Gypsum). These can sometimes cleave or splinter and be very sharp, so take care as to which way you run your hand over it, always go with the grain of the crystal. Depending on how it has been removed from the earth, it should also have one or two smoother sides which you can run your hand along without worry of splinters.

The beauty of the long bladed specimen is being able to access the crystals energy by rubbing it. The way to use it is to run your palm up and down the crystal, as you do this you build up heat and energy within the Selenite crystal and between you and the crystal. Then place the blade of Selenite against the spinal column (not touching the skin) and move it up and down the spine, ( when doing this you are working thru the Aura energy). This gives off the gentle Healing energy that you have built up within the crystal, which is said to release Tension, Stress, Anxiety and Blockages within the spinal column, and can also reduce inflammation in that area. The crystal does not have to be touching the skin, it works effectively thru the Aura.

Another crystal that works on this level is Kyanite (which is blue or black) it is also bladed but a much denser specimen. Both are excellent in helping with the alignment and clearing of negative energy in the spinal column. I have done work on highly stressed friends with Selenite Crystal (and Kyanite) and it has made a big difference in their stress level. So much so, they went out and purchased a blade of their own! Even just stroking a small polished piece of Selenite in your hands while you are watching television will calm you and release Tension, Stress, Anxiety and Blockages, which in turn will help you relax and sleep better.

When placed in the home, it brings about peace and balance. Selenite wands are wonderful to use in Aura clearings and healings, also for those wishing to reach their Higher Consciousness during Meditation, or accessing the Angelic Realm, or doing Angel Spiritual healing work. When doing heavy duty protection work, I would call on the Arch-Angels (especially Arch-Angel Michael) and use raw bladed Selenite Crystal.

Selenite reduces confusion and opens the mind for better insight and clarity in difficult situations. It is also a wonderful crystal for Reiki healers to utilize, as one of Selenites highest qualities is its healing energy and its calming effect. In the last ten years it has become more available in a polished, smooth form, usually an egg shape or tapered wand shapes. These make beautiful pieces that can still be used in the same way as the raw, bladed specimens with the advantage of no splinters.

Selenite crystal must never be washed or immersed in water, due to its composition it will dissolve if it gets wet. I learnt the hard way when I left a tumbled stone in a glass of water for an elixir for many hours only to come back and find a much smaller stone than the one I had put in! If Selenite does require cleaning then you can use a damp cloth but it must be dried immediately. The best way to keep it clean and dust free is to wipe it over with a dry soft cloth regularly.

I would not be without Selenite Crystal, beside its beautiful white luminescence, for me, it is an essential healing tool that I use on a regular basis with my Reiki work and also for work on releasing Tension, Stress, Anxiety and Blockages. It can be an expensive crystal, especially for the large raw bladed specimens and large polished eggs. In saying that, I have seen much of it now available as small tumbled stones and small polished pieces that can range in price from $3 to $12 depending on size. Check out your local New Age or Metaphysical shop….

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