Moonstone is a gentle crystal which has a strong connection to the Moon, the cycles of the Moon and the tides of the oceans. The colours of this stone range from almost clear to luminescent cream, white, bone to shades of caramel to light brown and most specimens sold today are tumbled and polished forms also as magnificent jewellery. Moonstones referred to as the feminine crystal and is beneficial for women going thru menopause and also the menstrual cycle. This stone is highly connected to the intuition of both men and women and the Higher Consciousness, the energy linking us to our emotions and intuitive mind. Thru the promotion of intuition it is very useful for those working in the psychic and clairvoyant fields, the wonderful energy of Moonstone balances the energies of the Yin/Yang polarities.

Moonstone stabilises emotions, emotional states of mind and body, it also helps us deal with patterns in life that keep repeating themselves. It is useful for the balance of hormones and the reproductive system and reproductive problems. Used at the Solar plexus chakra (between the breast bone and navel) it aids the clearing of repressed feelings like anger, resentment, guilt, personal pain of loss which we all tend to bury way down inside rather than dealing with it. Over time repressed feelings and emotions are harmful to our long term health.

This stone works at the Heart Chakra bringing equilibrium and peace to an emotional heart. On a spiritual level it aligns us with the Moon, especially effective at the time of the Full Moon when most clairvoyants, psychics and wiccans do their personal spiritual work.

Moonstone crystal aligns itself as a birthstone with the zodiac signs of Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius and Pisces. As jewellery it makes beautiful pendants, earrings, bracelets, beads and rings.

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