Malachite is a beautiful, deep peacock green crystal that can have bands or eyes of deeper green to black throughout the specimen. If handling a raw specimen of Malachite please note that this stone is toxic and it is recommended that you not breathe in the dust and that you wash your hands after handling it; it is recommended that the tumbled or polished forms are best to use if your needing to handle the crystal regularly. This is due to its high copper content which is an excellent pain reliever exceptionally beneficial for those with arthritis. This crystal is stunningly beautiful to look at and very powerful in its healing qualities, it is highly effective for protection for those living in close proximity to any nuclear or radiation sources or toxic pollution.

Also known as the crystal of transformation it facilitates healing on every level and also the healing of the earth. When needing to move on with a new phase of life this stone will help you with this, also to aid healing with past life issue that burden you in this incarnation. It helps you recognise where the disharmony is and links you to higher consciousness to bring out old feelings and pain which enables you to heal and grow from the experience.

Malachite opens the Heart Chakra bringing harmony and balance and gives you security to bring love into your life. Also beneficial at the Third Eye Chakra for Meditation and clear Visualization; facilitates spiritual connection and higher spiritual learning; helps those with psychic ability to tune in and receive insights and messages from beyond. This crystals teaches you to take responsibility for your life and actions, it brings forth empathy and support. Malachite’s of benefit and can help those with mental illness or disturbances. It helps you access information, release negative emotions, strengthen your ability to cope with situations, support memory and delve into deeper insight.

This crystal is aligned with the zodiac signs of Capricorn December 22nd -January 19th. Scorpio October 23rd – November 21st.

In healing the body Malachite can benefit blood pressure problems, arthritis, sore joints, pancreas, and eyes, liver and particularly good for women suffering menopausal and menstrual problems.

Combined with the crystal Azurite the beauty of malachite is magnified. The usual combination is the Azurite specimen growing off the malachite specimen. One or both of these crystals make stunning jewelery but must be a polished gem. Worn as a pendant it must be noted that because of the copper content of this stone some people that have susceptible heart problems may experience palpitations otherwise it can be worn as earrings, bracelet or rings.

However Malachite comes into your life it will be a beautiful addition whether it be ornamental or for you to wear, it is a crystal worth having.

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