cristaux de lazurite (=lapis-lazuli)

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Lapis Lazuli is an exceptional crystal, not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it has Ancient Healing Energy. This stone was highly prized and adored by the Ancient Egyptians, and has been found in the Valley of the Kings and other burial sites throughout Egypt. The Kings and Queens used it for healing, psychic powers and to keep away evil spirits throughout their life and believed if it was buried with them, it would also do the same in the afterlife.

Lapis is used on the third eye chakra to open and access intuition and also on the throat chakra to release communication blockages. It facilitates Spiritual and Psychic work, helping you to release stress that may be blocking your psychic abilities. Lapis is a striking crystal with its vivid deep blue colour flecked with gold. It is a peaceful, spiritual stone that has a strong protective, healing energy.

It is said that if you feel you are under any sort of mental or psychic attack, then this crystal can be used to block the incoming negative energy and return it to its original source. Lapis Lazuli can be an important crystal when trying to tap into the evolution of Reincarnation or Past Lives. For the Ancient Egyptians Reincarnation was extremely important, they lived their whole life preparing for the afterlife. Their belief in the afterlife was backed up by their rituals, elaborate funeral processions and burials. They took everything with them when they died that they felt they would need in the next life, and Lapis Lazuli was an important possession to ensure protection, healing and to ward off evil spirits.

Lapis lazuli brings equilibrium and harmony to the mental, physical and spiritual levels, combine this with Amethyst and Rose Quartz to give an even better result. It also gives insight into your inner knowing/ Intuition. It helps you speak your truth, when using it on the throat chakra during a healing or Meditation session. Lapis gives you courage to express yourself and move forward thru difficult situations. It is a good stone to work with when you are involved in an important friendship or relationship and when you need to be able to speak out and be heard. This crystal also brings an honest connection into the relationship. It reduces conflict and stressful situations when they arise.

Lapis Lazuli is used when headaches, earaches and throat infections are an ongoing problem. It is also important in alleviating Depression and sadness. It is used to help cleanse and boost the immune system and help those suffering with insomnia. Lapis is said to detoxify the blood and organs such as the kidneys, bladder and liver.

Lapis makes beautiful jewellery it can be worn as beads around the neck close to the throat or as earrings.  There are some beautiful pendants set into gold settings that are just amazing to look at let alone to wear. These can be a little expensive but well worth it. It is suggested that sleeping with a small crystal of lapis under your pillow enhances your dreams.

Lapis Lazuli is found in most New Age and Metaphysical stores but can be quite expensive. A small tumbled stone will cost about $5 to $8 depending on size. Larger polished specimens will be much more expensive, again depending on size and quality. Raw specimens of lapis are hard to find, but well worth the outlay if you do find one. I was lucky enough to find a beautiful raw piece some years ago in a New Age shop in Shepparton when I was there doing a psychic fair. Regardless of cost, even if it’s only a few tumbled stones, I think it is worth parting with a few dollars to have an exquisite peace of Lapis Lazuli.

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