Red Jasper focuses light on difficult problems and guides you thru hard situations. Great for grounding and used at the Base Chakra and even at the feet. Helps cleanse and strengthen the Aura giving it light and releasing the drudge of every-day life that can hang on and in your Aura over time. When the Aura is cleansed then your very Soul Being feels much lighter and able to get you thru what is ahead of you. Red Jasper is of the Earth and thus works so very well with clearing us of our daily “stuff” and bringing balance. This stone is one of the strongest of all the Jasper family for remembering dreams and healing. Place it beside the bed, place it in the bed or under it or under your pillow for the best effect. As a red stone it is excellent to cleanse and detoxify the blood, liver and elimination system…. also helps strengthen the circulatory system.

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