Jasper is found world-wide and comes in many colours. This stone is quite under-estimated in it’s healing properties and depending on the colour of the stone as to which parts of the body and healing it can assist with. The most prominent colours are red, green, yellow, brown and very bark brown that almost looks black, blue and purple which is quite rare. All these colours have varying shades of each, especially red and brown.
Jasper is good for stress and long periods of on-going stress, bringing tranquility to ease the burden. It is used a lot in healing work, especially when the Chakra’s are involved, the varying colours work in unison with each corresponding Chakra, by bringing balance, clearing and unity. It is a good stone for humanitarian work and those working as volunteers. When doing healing work this stone will ground you, the body and the energy you are working with .
Some people use it for re-calling their dreams and some-times even if they have Astral Traveled whilst asleep, but this takes quite a bit of work to hone the ability to remember places thru Astral Travel, it doesn’t work for every-one this way.
Used in Aura cleansing it will bring balance to the Yin/Yang energy and work with the body’s equilibrium. Helps to clear your minds confusion and brings unity to body and mind on a physical,mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is suggested that’s it is good to have around you or in a room if you find yourself using or working around a lot of electromagnetic energy as in computers, televisions, play stations, microwaves, mobile phones etc. It transmutes the negative energy back into the earth.
Jasper encourages you to be a bit more attentive and assertive when needed, and helps you recognize honesty and realism….. it can also aid positivity and patience to see things thru. It is said that Jasper aids circulation and digestion, but it’s not a powerful stone so it can take along time to see any results. Large pieces of dark Jasper…red and dark brown….situated throughout the home can act as a great source to absorb negative energy.

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