Hematite is a crystal of beautiful metallic lustre, forming in the colour of dark grey through to black. It is gorgeous when polished and a very powerful pain reliever.

This crystal is for focus, clarity, grounding, harmony and protection.

Black crystals are always strong protection stones and keeps one alert and grounded.

It is suggested that it protects the mind, body, spirit and soul. It has a strong male energy and serves in balancing the subtle female energies and clears the body’s meridian system.

It helps to clear and assimilate the mind, and stimulate thinking and memory.

This gentle but powerful stone opens the body’s subtle energies to peace, happiness, joy and tranquility. It helps to focus positive energy.

Magnetic hematite is excellent to reduce pain and inflammation especially for those with osteo arthritis and bone pain. Also useful for those with depression and fear problems. When carried or held against the body, the crystal becomes quite warm thus releasing the magnetic copper element that is healing.

Hematite aids the spine and skeletal system, muscular system, blood, kidneys, sleeping problems and leg cramps.

It aligns with the Base Chakra, which is the chakra that aligns us with the Earth.

All information serves as a guide only.

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