The Chrysocolla Crystal forms in layers and masses in colours of green, blue and turquoise. The crystal can be one solid colour or have bands of the colours thru it. It aligns with those under the zodiac of Gemini, Taurus or Virgo. This stone is gentle and tranquil in its energy levels it can help us accept change and gives us strength to work thru difficult situations.

Chrysocolla helps us on a personal level with our relationships bringing about stability, harmony and healing where it is required. This crystal brings forth our self awareness and confidence. Mentally it reduces tension and keeps us calm. It promotes honesty and trust with those we come into contact with. It works with us to draw out phobias and negative energy.

With the Chakra system it works very well with the Third Eye Chakra, our Intuition is enhanced at the third eye during Meditation, thus making our meditation more visual. Held or placed on the Solar Plexus it works on drawing out negative emotions that usually reside at that Chakra. We tend to bury much of our emotional pain, anger, resentment and guilt there without realising it. This can result in physical pain like stomach ache or ongoing discomfort, reflux and bowel upsets and disorders. Place Chrysocolla on this area when meditating and in your mind visualise the chakra being free of all negative attachments, visualise the area spinning in a bright orange colour, this is the chakras healthy colour.

Chrysocolla  is an excellent crystal for females and can be of great help to those suffering menstrual pain and problems. It is also useful for those with arthritis and high blood pressure. The beautiful green colour of this crystal is calming and thus facilitates healing. Crystals of green colourations are made up of minerals that promote and release renewing, healing energy.

Drusy Chrysocolla are the specimens that are found with Quartz attached to them. On the home front use it with Amethyst and Rose Quartz to dissipate and purify negative energy… These crystals together are gentle but effective…

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