Welcome to my page on crystals.

Anyone that knows me well knows my passion for any Crystal and that I am dedicated to their beauty, energy, healing and worth. I have been collecting and working with them for 20 years and am always on the lookout for a new addition to my collection. My first crystal was a beautiful purple Amethyst. After reading a wonderful book on crystals that my sister loaned me when I was at a low point with depression in my life, I went to the only New Age shop in my town and spent 2 hours or more just looking at all the different crystals they had on show. I was unsure what I wanted but I knew I was not leaving there without at least one! I kept being drawn back to the shelf of Amethyst. The shop owner came over to offer help and we got talking. I knew I was attracted to the colour of the Amethyst and she explained what the crystal and colour meant. I left with my first (of many to come) crystal and I kept it with me every day. I went back many times to that shop and became a regular customer.

The crystal comes in many forms and colours; there are raw forms which means, this is virtually the way they have come out of the earth, other than cleaning, not much else is done to these forms. They are usually clusters of crystal points on a matrix (rock base), some can be one large point sticking out of the matrix. Some have grown as natural facet; some are formed in layers, others in bubbles. Geodes are small cave like rocks with tiny crystals growing within. I personally prefer Raw Crystal clusters, masses and rock formations, as I work with them; I find the energy strongest in the raw form. A raw cluster tends to radiate energy to all directions from its points.

Then there are the faceted forms, whether grown that way naturally or shaped by man’s hand (usually for jewellery). These forms grow out of the matrix in one strong form/shape. The most common seems to be rectangular, long shards of crystal that can look like millions of short or long splinters. This is true of the beautiful Selenite that looks like a white wand in its natural form, or Kyanite which is slightly denser & more compact in varying shades from green (rare) blue to black.

Pillar style specimens can be tall or short and are used as decorative items or healing tools generally referred to as wands. ‘Crystals’ rarely form in a circular shape, but are fashioned this way to be used as scrying crystal balls, especially Quartz Crystal is ideal for this. These balls or spheres also emit positive energy out in all directions. Facets are naturally occurring on the points of the Quartz Crystal, of which there are six.

Usually Crystals are dense at the base and as they grow out of the bedrock, they tend to become clearer till they reach their point. Faceted forms are most obvious on the larger crystal, but even the littlest point will have a formed facet if you look closely enough.

Another form of crystal is the tumbled polished type. These start out being rough, jagged, chipped specimens that are tumbled in a large machine to release them of their sharp and uneven points and make them smooth enough for polishing.

There are many a crystal fashioned for specific purposes and some of these are known as; Window crystals, Record Keepers, Wands, Terminations, Eggs, Caves, Soul mate crystal, Phantoms, Pyramids, Spheres (crystal balls), as well as the Spirit crystal, Generators, Scepters, Activators, Companion crystals, Transmitters, Laser Wands and the Channeling crystal.

‘Crystalsare a wonderful addition to your home, work and personal possession. They bring light and energy to your life. They come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colours. If you want a special, beautiful possession to have or collect, think about a Crystal.

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