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    Lapis Lazuli

    // Lapis Lazuli is an exceptional crystal, not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it has Ancient Healing ...

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    Tigers Eye

    // Tigers Eye is known as a high vibration crystal and energy stone. This crystal is very grounded and aids ...

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    // Peridot is often referred to as the Aura's protection stone. This crystal ranges in colour from light lime to ...

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    Sugilite is referred to as the Love stone and bestows the energy of love to those who use it and ...

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    // Aquamarine is a beautiful, gentle crystal that comes in colors from almost white/cream thru to a powder soft green, ...

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    // Malachite is a beautiful, deep peacock green crystal that can have bands or eyes of deeper green to black ...

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    // The Chrysocolla Crystal forms in layers and masses in colours of green, blue and turquoise. The crystal can be ...

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    Selenite crystal

    // Selenite crystal is one of the most amazing and pure of all crystals. It is referred to as Angelic ...

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    Blue Lace Agate

    // Blue Lace Agate is one of the crystal clan that comes under the heading of being an excellent healing ...

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    // Apophyllite is an excellent crystal to conduct high frequency energy mostly due to its water content; it transmits powerful ...

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Crystal Worx

The Australian marsupial mole and the African Cape golden mole look alike, but a new fossil find shows their evolutionary …Read the Rest

Christine Williams details the far-reaching consequences of ‘marine debris’ on biodiversity and the various attempts to overcome it.

Jenny Goldie warns about the potential dangers of an upcoming fuel crisis, including recession, inflation and unemployment.

A drug therapy may provide new hope in restoring the mobility of paralysed arms and legs for stroke and head …Read the Rest

A researcher claims that relying solely on forensic testing to identify the bushfire victims had undermined other ‘common sense’ evidence.

Children under four are highly vulnerable to asthma attacks from traffic-related pollutants, study finds.

A new study shows how removing large predators from marine ecosystems damages other species like seaweed and coral.

A major CSIRO breakthrough in wireless technology is designed to bring broadband to people living beyond the optical fibre network.

A female dolphin’s calving success has been found to be boosted by having female ‘friends’ with the same successes.

Pumping too much groundwater out reduces the amount of water flowing back to the streams and risks a complete dry-out …Read the Rest

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